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Use The Job Descriptions

Above all, use your job descriptions in all the ways you can. Filing them away is the equivalent of missed opportunities. Use them for hiring, interviewing, performance reviews, coaching, and mentoring. And make sure each employee has one!


Interpersonal Skills

How the employee relates to others:

How do you want this position to be connected to other employees, departments, and/or customers? How would you define these relationships?

How much teamwork will be involved in this position?

Specifically, what types of customer service does this position require? (If there is no direct contact with customers, how does this position support the goals the company has with customer satisfaction?)


Write Descriptions in Easy Language

Write your job descriptions in a language that's easy for employees to understand. What if you were given a road map that was written only in obscure and complex language?


Helpful Hints for Creating Job Descriptions

One way to test the completeness of your job description is by reevaluating your duty statements using these three categories:

Functional skills
Personal skills
Interpersonal skills


Personal Skills for Job Responsibilities

How the employee manages job responsibilities:

What level of judgment and responsibility does this position require?

What sort of initiative is this person expected to take?

What level of problem-solving skills should this employee have?


Functional Skills for Job Title Descriptions

How the job is actually performed:

What knowledge and skills must the jobholder absolutely have?

What needs to be accurate and timely about this position?

What are the standards of quality for the various services/products this position provides?

If there is a measurable quantity involved in this job, what are the goals and limits for high productivity? Poor performance?


Know The Law When Writing a Job Description

It's in your best interests to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for the language of a job description. WorkplaceToolbox is not a legal consultant, and cannot go into the informative depth needed to ensure that the job descriptions you create are legally acceptable. Remember to look up relevant guidelines on the Americans with Disabilities Act at

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