Marketing newsletters

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Can we use your tips in a marketing newsletter we are sending out?

Marketing newsletters

A newsletter should be no different than the front page of a newspaper. It needs to grab the readers attention right off the bat. The first paragraph says it all. Then followed by information that can be valuable to the reader, ending with a summary of what you just said. Use the wisdom of the press to get attention.
Determine what the purpose of the newsletter is. Is it for casual reading, something to be studied or something that will be used as a reference. Talk about things that can be either a benefit to the reader if its a product or information that might help educate them in a subject. Depending on the type of newsletter, you can advertise in a trade journal, by creating a blog site with some samples, smaller weekly publications (Little Nickel)which you can chose from a variety of markets around the country for little cost, classifieds, or by sending samples to key people who might promote your newsletter.



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