Managing Change

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Managing Change

All organisms and organizations undergo frequent change. It is the successful manager, just as it is the evolving creature that handles change well. Be that manager by following a couple of simple rules:
1. Control that which you can control and adapt to that which you can't. A buyout is an event few managers can exercise any control over so it is always best to accept it and adapt to the changes it brings with cheer and enthusiasm. Conversely, a reorganization of your department or division may present opportunities for you to shine within the organization and achieve significant success over the previous situation.
2. Personnel changes can be a very unsettling event, don't let such occurrences sour your outlook or position. Good people come and go in every dynamic company. They may be superiors, peers or subordinates. Grousing and involving oneself in the inevitable office politics associated with this form of change never helps the successful or prospective manager.
3. Loss of a key account, client or project creates one of the most difficult of change situations. As with all unexpected events, opportunity lurks within. Use these situations to improve your station by swiftly analyzing the circumstances and suggest viable approaches to lessen the impact of the change to your team or management. This simple step will make you look like the consummate professional while your co-workers groan and complain about their bad luck – action is always better than talking about it.



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