Be Human During the Employee Reviews

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Be Human During the Employee Reviews

For best results during a review, keep the following points in mind:
-If you don't know something, admit it, and follow up on getting an answer.
-Now is not the time to discuss another employee's performance, or to compare this employee with anyone else in the company.
-Relate to the employee as an individual, not just as authority figure to subordinate.
-Create realistic, measurable goals. A goal is worthy only if you can tell whether it's been accomplished or not.

Some examples of poorly worded goals:
-Try harder to keep my desk more organized.
-Do my best to make sure the contracts are done right.
-Make Employee of the Month by the beginning of next quarter.

"Trying harder" and "doing your best" are actions that cannot be measured. How would you know if someone is trying hard enough or not?



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