Completing the Performance Review Form

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Completing the Performance Review Form

The Mirror Issue:
Many managers are worried about an employee's poor performance reflecting on their managerial skills. This is probably the most common reason scores are "watered down" and employees find themselves with a consistently "average" review, which ultimately gives them very little information. The emphasis in a performance review form is to accurately identify areas that need improvement, and work together to figure out how to do just that.

Directly meet challenges head on.
If the employee is not doing well in a certain area, ask yourself if you have given them insufficient feedback or support. How can you help them improve? What are some changes you might need to make as well? Is there any additional training that could help? Note your goals, along with measurable steps on the Performance Planning Record.

Keep it balanced
Make an effort to notice what employees are doing right so you can bring this up during the review. Acknowledgement is one of the most motivating elements of feedback. Make sure you have enough specific examples to draw from for discussions during the review meeting.



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Do I have to sign my paperwork before I take a copy to review? Can I review a copy then sign later or does it have to be signed the day my boss gives it to me.


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