Implement Employee Appreciation Day

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Implement Employee Appreciation Day

Tips for Creating a Successful Employee

Employee Appreciation
1. Do the work necessary to make sure your appreciation is genuine. Pause and reflect on the true contributions your employees make to your company.
2. Have managers complete as many necessary tasks as possible, especially if any events/activities are a surprise.
3. If you are the owner/CEO, thank your managers for their hard work too!
4. Don't overlook the importance of a group thank-you to all employees from the owner/CEO during the hubbub of the day.
5. Saying "thank you" turns your focus towards the positive, and "catching employees being good". It's all too easy to fall into the mindset of only looking for what's wrong.

If you realize that it's been awhile since you've acknowledged your employees accomplishments, give some thought to how you can make expressing appreciation a regular part of your management style. Regular recognition is the most powerful retention tool!



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