Preparation for New Hire Orientation

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Preparation for New Hire Orientation

New Hire Orientation - Phase I (the first day or week)

We recommend that a representative from the Human Resources department meet with new employees on their first day for approximately one hour or for at least the length of time needed to complete paperwork, receive the Employee Manual, ask questions, and be introduced to the CEO. The HR representative will use the checklist that you have developed to ensure all information is covered.

During orientation, present new hires with your employee manual or walk them through all of the information regarding employee benefits and company policies and procedures, as well as your company's values, vision, and mission. This is also a good time to cover income tax and legal issues.

The supervisor should then introduce the new hire to staff throughout the company, review their Job Description and scope of position, and get them started on specific functions. It might be helpful to arrange a lunch partner for the new employee's first day, to make the transition easier.

During orientation, present your company's Mentoring program and your company's commitment to developing employees and enhancing opportunities. The supervisor should introduce the new hire to his or her selected mentor, and arrange for any formal training.



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