Benefits of an Employee Manual

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Benefits of an Employee Manual

What is an Employee Manual?
An Employee Manual is a summary of your company's policies and procedures. It contains information about work procedures, expected behavior, benefits, and policies that affect employment.

What are the Benefits of an Employee Manual?
Educate Your Employees About Company Procedures
When an individual joins your staff, he or she has many questions about company procedures. An Employee Manual answers common questions like "What is the vacation policy?" "What happens if I get called for jury duty?" and "How do I report inappropriate behavior?"

Protect Your Company
A comprehensive Employee Manual protects your organization. An Employee Manual describes the behavior that is expected of your company's employees. It also describes unacceptable behavior, such as harassment or use of company equipment for personal business, and outlines the consequences of such behavior. An Employee Manual addresses issues before they become problems.

Weave Your Core Values into Company Culture
Along with outlining behavior expectations, communicate your company's values via the Employee Manual. They provide a reference point for business practices and individual behavior. Recognizing and reflecting your values will help retain desirable employees and build a solid client base, leading to greater profitability.

Practice Good Management
A good manager treats employees consistently and fairly. A good Employee Manual lays the foundation for fair and consistent treatment. When a company's policies and procedures are recorded and available for all employees to see, there is less chance for confusion or misunderstanding.



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