Best Practices for Company Employee Manuals

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Best Practices for Company Employee Manuals

Give the customized Employee Manual to supervisors a few days before distributing it to the rest of your staff. Supervisors should read the Manual and become familiar with its contents so they can answer their employees' questions. Use our Memo/Cover letter for Advance Copies.

Print copies of the Memo/Cover letter for Employee Manual and the form Employee Manual Receipt and Acknowledgement to hand out with the customized Employee Manual. Distribute the Employee Manual. Encourage your employees to read the Manual thoroughly, and to ask questions about things they do not understand. Have employees sign and return the form after reading the Employee Manual.

Designate one person to maintain the master copy. We recommend you review your customized Employee Manual at least once per year to ensure that the Manual you hand out to new hires is correct. If needed, you should also update current employees on any changes.



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