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Mission and Vision Statement Ideas

Print them in the employee handbook. Demonstrate that the company takes those words seriously.


More Corporate Mission Statement Ideas

Organize an introduction meeting:
Plan a special staff meeting to introduce the new Vision and Mission statements, or announce them at your next regular staff meeting.

Hint-You may want to meet with your executive staff or department heads first to discuss the relevance of the new statements and how they should be used within the company.


Publish a Reminder

After the Vision and Mission Statements have been incorporated into your culture, publish a memo or newsletter article showcasing examples of how statements relate in the workplace. For example, how an employee went above and beyond to delight a client.


Display on Printed Stationary

Display your mission and vision statements on printed stationary:
The next time your company orders printed materials like letterhead, business cards, and notepads, include your short Vision or Mission statements along side your logo.


Display on Imprinted Reminders

Display your vision and mission statements on custom imprinted reminders.
Print your Vision and Mission Statements on various handy items like magnets, calendars, and foam can coolers.

Hint - Some companies have their mission and vision statements printed on laminated, wallet-sized cards to hand out or attach to employee I.D. badges.


Incorporate into Reports

Print the Vision and Mission Statements on the cover of quarterly or annual reports. Indicate throughout the report the results that apply or relate to the statements.

-Create meeting starters
-Suggest to managers or department heads that they begin weekly meetings by reading a portion of the -Vision or Mission that may be particularly relevant at that time.


Creating a Mission Statement

Once you've formed your Vision and Mission Statements, or retooled your existing ones, it is essential that you communicate them to your staff and to the public – put them everywhere!


Print Them on Memos

Print them on memos:
Place your Vision and Mission Statements at the bottom of all interoffice memos.


Issue a Press Release

Issue a press release:
Announce your Vision and Mission Statements through trade or professional associations.

Hint - Prepare and disseminate a press release describing a recent success or achievement and tie it to your company vision and mission.


Post on Website

Post your Vision and Mission Statements on your web site so customers and visitors become familiar with them.


Use in Speeches

Use in speeches:
Give your executives "talking points" so they will incorporate the Vision and Mission statements into speeches and presentations.


Business Vision and Mission Statements

Give HR a "heads-up":
Encourage recruiters and Human Resources staff to include Vision and Mission Statements in the recruiting process and new hire orientation.


Order Wearables

Order wearables:
Print your Vision statements or Mission statements on T-shirts, polo shirts, or sweatshirts with your company logo. Encourage employees to wear them when and where appropriate.


Integrating Vision and Mission Statements

These suggested actions will help you integrate Vision and Mission statements into your company culture. Use as many as you feel are appropriate for your company.

Issue an Introduction Memo:
Issue a memo introducing your new Vision and Mission Statements to the company.


Include Them in E-mail

Include them in e-mail:
Customize your company e-mail to include your Vision and Mission Statements in automatic signature statements and footers at the end of outgoing e-mail.

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