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Effective Staff Meetings

Make your company's Staff Meetings most effective by incorporating recognition and learning exercises each time you hold a meeting. Following are several ideas and instructions to implement them:

"State of the Union" message by the CEO (ten minutes)
(An overview of the company's progress and recent achievements – coming in 2004)


More Fun Staff Meeting Ideas

"Great Ideas" Award (five minutes)
The Great Ideas Award is an award presented at the Staff Meeting in recognition of an idea submitted recently by an employee in an ongoing program.

For more in-depth help to implement this program, go to the Great Ideas Award.


Fun Ideas for Meetings

Service Anniversaries (five to ten minutes)
By celebrating the service anniversaries of your employees, you're showing appreciation for their hard work and loyalty. You strengthen that message by honoring an employee for the length of service with the company in front of their peers – it helps ALL your employees feel valued.


Ideas for Staff Meetings

Use "Multiple Choice" or "True or False" type exercises to help employees learn more about the company or the industry. Encourage people to answer aloud in order to help the person answering.


Good Ideas for Staff Meetings

Educational games or exercises (ten to fifteen minutes for ten questions) Activities are competitions that help employees learn more about the company, its clients, or its industry – coming in 2005.


Creative Staff Meeting Ideas

"Team Player" Award (five minutes):
The Team Player Award is an award given to employees nominated and elected by their peers based on their contribution to company success.


Staff Meeting Ideas

The CEO should make the official introductions of new employees (five to ten minutes).


Build Connections with the Company Bulletin Board

On the personal side of the board, employees could share a photo of their new grandson, post a "for sale" sign, or participate in a game. Your staff is more likely to view the company as part of their family if they are welcome to share part of their personal lives.

Help your employees stay on task by reminding them of company-wide plans and goals. Give your employees a sense of the big picture so they can direct their work in a more focused, productive manner.

A company bulletin board facilitates quick communication, personal connection, and increased productivity amongst employees.

The more information you share, the more involved your staff feels.


Benefits of the Company Bulletin Board

A centrally located company bulletin board promotes company communication and contributes to company unity and employee productivity. Employees feel included and connected while reading memos and postings for upcoming activities, or sharing a light moment learning about each other.

What is a Company Bulletin Board?
A central prominent location for displaying company announcements, sign-up sheets, and other information, as well as personal postings by employees.

What are the benefits of a Company Bulletin Board?
A company bulletin board is a great way to keep your staff informed. Having a central place to post memos, industry developments, notices, and company news promotes communication within the organization.

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