More Fun Staff Meeting Ideas

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More Fun Staff Meeting Ideas

"Great Ideas" Award (five minutes)
The Great Ideas Award is an award presented at the Staff Meeting in recognition of an idea submitted recently by an employee in an ongoing program.

For more in-depth help to implement this program, go to the Great Ideas Award.



11/3/2006 10:47:21 PM
Tiff said:

I think adding fun to staff meetings, will keep the communication open between the employees and the employer. Also, more employees may want to attend, other than the fact that its mandatory!

6/1/2007 11:35:24 AM
Krista said:

Awsome web-site! Shared story: We created a recognition program called "Shareholder of the Month" whereby one rep is awarded each month for putting forth extra effort to contribute to our success. The rep must embrace our core values and "live by them". Easy and quick, the award is presently monthly at a staff meeting, a $25 gift card is awarded with an award docuemnt and a framed document is placed in our company meeting room.


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