Life in the Fast Lane

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Life in the Fast Lane

Successful managers are frequently faced with the difficult position of mixing one's family responsibilities with the demands of business. Effectively dealing with this dilemma can yield great results personally and in one's role as a manager.

Some people hold that business must always come first, even at the expense of the family. Others feel that balance, in the classic Chinese philosophical mold, is the ultimate solution. Unfortunately, a bit of both is more the case. Approach the conundrum as you would any other business problem. Evaluate the situation carefully and prioritize your findings. Recognizing that some business functions are time critical, such as proposal deadlines, client schedules and tax dates, place a rating on each. Do the same with your personal circumstances. You will quickly come to the conclusion that you can efficiently manage these often conflicting requirements of life to the ultimate satisfaction of all parties.

Notes: If you sense that all your business situations have the highest priority, then something is wrong with you, your management or your staffing level. Bad managers often use crisis management as a misguided motivational tool. The same applies to your personal life. Vacations are a needed benefit and readily schedulable. However, things like births and illnesses are not. Use your discretion wisely to avoid conflicts and the added stress they add to your life. Finally, my life and career experience has consistently shown that the vast majority of managers and family members are eminently reasonable. Communicate your issues clearly and concisely and you will have little difficulty balancing business and life.



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