Who's Who on a Team?

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Who's Who on a Team?

Point of Contact: Acts as the primary contact for the team.

Team Member: Participates in achieving team goals.

Subject Matter Expert: A person knowledgeable on specific subjects.

Process Observer: Observes and questions to challenge the team. Assists facilitator, encourages participation, reports on support of rules. Identifies problems and assists problem resolution.
Advisor: Develops and communicates team purpose. Determines performance standards. Follows progress, assists as needed, monitors interdepartmental considerations.

Team Leader: Exists to help the people on the team. Encourages team attitude. Communicates work specifications, policies, and information between team, other areas, and management. Models team behavior.

Facilitator: Schedules and conducts team meeting. Encourages participation, helps identify agreement and conflict. Facilitates movement through agenda, summarizes to gain commitment.



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