Benefits of Service Anniversaries

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Benefits of Service Anniversaries

Celebrate the service anniversaries of your employees and you'll be showing appreciation for hard work and loyalty. You strengthen that message by honoring an employee for the length of service with the company in front of their peers – it helps ALL your employees feel valued.

What are Service Anniversaries?
A short ceremony or form of recognition in honor of an employee, based on long they have worked at your company.

What are the benefits of Service Anniversaries?

Public Recognition
Many employees cite public recognition as one of the most important things that an employer can offer. Your employee has made a statement about their loyalty and commitment to your company–now it's your turn.

Retain and Reinforce
Avoid the costs of recruitment and retain your employees' valuable talents and experience. Increase the likelihood of your employees staying by thanking them for their years of service while renewing their motivation.

Communicate Company Values
Service anniversaries are a chance to reiterate your core values and show your long-term employees how they have contributed to upholding them.

Since recruiting is time consuming and costly, honoring service anniversaries can help all your employees feel valued and strengthen your company's image as a desirable place to work.



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